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A new website for Thrust Division

July 29, 2015

Hello everyone,

this is Joe, the owner of Thrust Division. If you were wondering why we've been quite for a while, read on. No it's not the new website.

We've been working on a brand new product for a couple of months and we are days away from launching it. I don't want to give away too much at this stage, but I can tell you it involves IP addresses and personalizing web pages. If you are interested in trying out our product, please reach out to us!

We'll inform you of the launch on this blog, and also on our social media accounts.

A new website

We've decided our old website was a little too old-looking for 2015, so we've decided to redesign it from the ground up.

We've opted for simplicity above all. It is built on top of the fabulous Middleman static website generator, which has proven itself very convenient and light.

We'd love your feedback on it!

I'll write again soon, with more exciting news.