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A brand new Anymail finder

August 28, 2015

I am excited to show the world v2.0 of our very popular tool: Anymail finder. Anymail finder is used by thousands of people daily to reach new customers and influencers. Hundreds of publications have shared it, and several organizations use our API to power their sales processes.

Visit Anymail finder now

Anymail finder started off as, which clearly borrows the name from our company, and was meant to be a quick and dirty tool to get Thrust Division “out there” when it first started.

I put it together in just a week by using a script I had put together a few years back. It was built in Laravel and functioned just fine. I posted it on Hacker News hoping to get some interest and it very quickly took off. Within a few hours, it got posted on Product Hunt and afterwards all over...

Targeting Monkey: the stack

August 10, 2015

As promised, I'll bring you a little more insights on the stack behind our new product Targeting Monkey. Targeting Monkey will be launching on Product Hunt tomorrow and we look forward to welcoming new users to the service.

Visit Targeting Monkey now

If you are reading this blog, you're likely someone who's interested in the technicalities of a product like ours, so Is'll go straight to the juice.

The front end (dashboard)

The front end is a simple Laravel app. We opted for Laravel because we are very comfortable with it and find it is very easy to create a simple dashboard with authentication and billing. We were torn between Laravel and RoR, but went for the former as we had just finished another project with it and it was just faster.

The front end deals with the following:

Announcing Targeting Monkey

August 5, 2015

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Thrust Division family: Targeting Monkey.

Targeting Monkey is a content personalization tool that enables copywriters and web designers to create highly dynamic pages using only HTML and including one line of CSS.

Targeting Monkey allows you to include things like the city name (How's ?) (We think you are in , but are not sure), the country name (looks like you are from ), as well as other information we gather from the IP (looks like you are in an airport!) (looks like you are in an hotel!) (looks like you are at school / university!).

Web developers can accomplish all this by only editing the HTML and including a custom generated CSS file at the top of the page.

You can check out the source code of this page to understand how it works...

A new website for Thrust Division

July 29, 2015

Hello everyone,

this is Joe, the owner of Thrust Division. If you were wondering why we've been quite for a while, read on. No it's not the new website.

We've been working on a brand new product for a couple of months and we are days away from launching it. I don't want to give away too much at this stage, but I can tell you it involves IP addresses and personalizing web pages. If you are interested in trying out our product, please reach out to us!

We'll inform you of the launch on this blog, and also on our social media accounts.

A new website

We've decided our old website was a little too old-looking for 2015, so we've decided to redesign it from the ground up.

We've opted for simplicity above all. It is built on top of the fabulous Middleman static website generator, which has...